Skateboard Marketing Ltd.
5th Anniversary CMJ Convention Showcase
October, 1996
Coney Island High, New York

We celebrated our 5th Anniversary at Coney Island High On St Marks in New York. It was the first private industry showcase the company did. We used it as
a launching pad to showcase new up-coming artists before they went to radio. The main purpuse was to let radio and press taste the band and their sound before the fans. Unsound/Revolution recording artist Kilgore Smudge from Providence, RI graced the stage. It was just before the release of Blue Collar Solitude. The label was a venture of Giant/Warner executive Larry jacobson to launch a line of hard aggressive artists through Giant/Warner Bros. The band went on to releasing "A Search For Reason in 1998. The album quickly climbed to number 1 on the radio charts. The band acheaved national notirity through touring and national airplay. Kilgore was added the the second stage on Ozz-Fest 1998. It was a move that opened their postcore style to the masses.
They went on with 2 follow up national tours before disbanding in 1999. Some of the photos were taken in black and white.

Giant Record's Larry Jacobson & Munsey Ricci Skateboard Marketing's Steve Friedlander, Mayhem Records, Chainsaw McGathy's John Bambino & Steve Krucher Concrete's Gabby, Brian Mcvoy and Roadrunner's Jen Meola
Kilgore Smudge's Mike Pilleteri, Skateboard Marketing's Dustin Goldfarb and Kilgore Smudge's Jason Smith Jen Meola, Roadrunner Records & Gabby from Concrete Marketing Mark Roesler, Big Daddy Distribution & Jason Smith, Kilgore Smudge
Chanisaw,Mayhem Records, Munsey Ricci and Kilgore Smudge's Mike Pilleteri and Jason Smith Kilgore Smudge's Jay Berndt, Brian McKenzie,
Mike Pelletier, Jason Smith &
Bill Southerland W/Jen Meola and Skateboard Marketing staff Steve Fredlander, Munsey Ricci and Dustin Goldfarb
Kilgore Smudge's Brian McKenzie, Mike Pelletier, Jay Berndt, Jason Smith & Bill Southerland