Skateboard Marketing Ltd.
14th CMJ Convention Anniversary Showcase
October 14th, 2004
Don Hills, New York

On October 14th, 2004 Skateboard Marketing celebrated their 13th anniversary. The company's true anniversary is August 12th, but to follow in tradition, we celebrate during the CMJ Convention in New York.
As hundreds of Radio and industry people flock into New York. Our yearly showcase is at Don Hill's in New York. Thank you's go out to Budweiser and Jagermeister for sponsering the beer and Jagerettes.

There was an auction to raise money for The TJ Martell Foundation. TJ Martell is a pediatrics research organization for children's cancer reacsearch. A autographed guitar was auctioned to raise money for the
15 hospitals. It was signed by Megadeth, Anthrax, Fear Factory, Life Of Agony and Symphony-X.

Escapi recording artist Dirty Rig performed a one hour closed industry set.

WGIR FM's Sean Watson

Mandy FMQB Sean Watson WGIR, Munsey Ricci, Jose Mangin Sirius Radio, Andrew Sample Century Media Records, Jon Nardachone Top Dog Records and Frank Webb WTFX

Century Media's Andrew Sample & Universal Records Allison Hearne
Munsey Ricci & Kory Clark Richie Burke, Munsey Ricci & Ralph Genova & WSOU staff Kurt Century Media, Suzanna, Andrew Century Media, Kory Clark Warrior Soul , Jon Nardachone Top Dog Records, and Cathy from Metal Edge
NY/NJ Metro All Stars PR Mark Wasko, Munsey Ricci, Jon Paris SVP Records Dog Faced Gods W/WGIR's Sean Watson Heinrich from Evergrey W/Munsey Ricci
Andy from KSJS FM

Concrete's Russ Gerrior, Grizz, Munsey Ricci & Jake

Kory Clark from Dirty Rig/Warrior Soul
Vivian Lee from TJ Martell & Munsey Ricci Holly Hutchenson from Levin Nelson Stacy Poole from Spitfire Records



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