Skateboard Marketing Ltd.
10th Anniversary CMJ Convention Showcase

October 11th, 2011
Don Hills, New York

Sponsored by Budweiser and Jagermeister

On October 11th Skateboard Marketing had their 10th Anniversary CMJ Convention shocase at Don Hills in NYC. August 12th 1991 was the official date the company began. Due to the events in New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania on September 11th. The convention was postponed to October. It didn't stop us or anybody else in the music industry from supporting CMJ. That goes for all formats represented that weekend, not only metal community. After 10 years of independent radio promotion and street marketing it was brilliant to see all the support received from the entire industry. We had a 2 1/2 hour open bar and plenty of food. Budweiser and Jagermeister sponsored us and sent their girls down to make sure everybody had a drink in their hands. 3 artists performed, Warrior Soul kicked out a 50 minute set with lots of classic songs. Lollipop Lust Kill from Toledo, OH showcased and made a huge impact. Coldflow from Florida who are managed by Dcide which are Nothingface's first label also kicked out a set. It was a little taste of what both records will sound like come the beginning of the year. CMJ traditionally is all about bringing new fresh music to the masses. They have consistently for over 20 years been one of the most influential music industry trade journals. They are responsible for helping break many major and independent label artists. For further information go to their web
site at


Cluadia from Budweiser Tammy from WRHU FM Smitty from Artemis Records, Ed Pitts WVVS FM, Jen Metal Blade Records, Munsey and DJ
Spitfire Records Sean McNelly and Atlantic Records John Nardachone Kory Clark from Warrior Soul WSOU MD Kal
Warrior Soul's John Ricco, Roadrunner's Jen Meola and Metal Edge editor Cathy Compagna. Warrior Soul Kory Clark, Metal Edge's Dov Tetta and Richie &Munsey Mike Gitter, Roadrunner, Munsey, Geraldine, Anthony Delia, Atlantic, Liz, Metal Maniacs and Bram from Billboard Anthony fromAtlantic, Tom, TVT, Andrew from Century Media, Mike from Roadrunner Gabe and Victoria from WNYU, Geraldine, Jay from Concrete Management
Munsey Ricci & Richie Burke L-R Ali Elektra Records Sara from Atlantic Records With Munsey and Atlantic Records Gary Gorman bottom Anthony Martalla and Marla Parrinello
Eric Lemasters of The Music Cartel and Atlantic Records John Nardachone Amy Sciaretto metal Editor for CMJ and Universal Records Jessica Siracusa & Richie Burke Rich Ortega from HITS and CMC International's Ray Koob
Century Media's Andrew Sample and Pellet, from Relapse Record Munsey Ricci & Don Hill Ian from Equal Vision Records & Munsey Ricci
Excess DB's Heath Miller

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